Truck Windshield Replacement

A windshield replacement must be installed with proper sealants and primers to manufacture specification to insure roof strength, and even air bag deployment, work perfectly.

At Ekum Auto Glass, our highly experience and certified technicians insure your windshield is replaced to OEM specifications.

Each truck is different with small nuances on how the windshield replacement is conducted. This is where our experience shines through. We will show you any issues with your truck beforehand if visible and recommend solutions that fit your needs. Some advantages we have over our competitors:

  • Certified OEM Winter Urethane is used during harsh Canadian winters to insure safety.
  • All windshield replacements are fully primed with top quality primers.
  • All windshield replacements are installed using only OEM quality urethane that exceeds OEM standards in strength.
  • All windshields will be examined to see if a repair is possible before each windshield replacement.
  • Local contracts with auto mall dealerships means we are experienced with all manufactures.
  • Windshield replacement with all insurance companies compatible.

Windshield Replacement Price

Ekum Auto Glass provides you with quality windshield replacement at an affordable price. How is this done you ask? While we use the same glass suppliers as the big name brands we do not have to pay a large franchise fee and we pass on the savings to our customers. A simple concept but it works. Our years of experience of building relationships has put us in a unique position to offer our customers this high level of quality at a reduced price.

We also stock the most common trucks on the road like the BMW 3 Series, and the Honda Civic windshields in high volumes. Give us a call and see the difference for yourself. Come visit the shop beforehand and ask us any questions you want.

The free quote is just minutes away and we may be able to cover up to 100% of your insurance deductible. Ask for details.

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